LETTER: Local newspapers are no place for party political broadcasts

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As a resident of the Ribble Valley, I look forward to Thursday mornings when the Clitheroe Advertiser drops through the letterbox.

Like most people, I buy your paper to read about what’s happening in the Ribble Valley. I like to be kept informed about local people and community events, sporting and business issues, what’s for sale, and, in particular, your letter page “valleyviews”.

In general I enjoy reading about everything that is of local interest. So, as a member of the public I would like to have a say and that is I am now becoming a little irritated with the number of times your letters page publishes the views of a certain political party.

I am not saying politics have no place in “valleyviews”, as your letter page is there for everyone to have their point of view published. From my own point of view, I can read and hear enough politics in national newspapers and television. I just don’t enjoy having so much space being regularly dedicated to party political “broadcasts” in my local paper.