LETTER: Mayor should be driven round in Ford Ka or Nissan Micra

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As a Conservative councilor, I would expect the new Mayor of Burnley, Coun. David Heginbotham, to lead by example in these hard times.

So I would like to ask if it is absolutely necessary to be driven around in a luxurious £50,000 German saloon with a £20,000 private number plate?

I suggest something more modest which could also be supplied and serviced by a Burnley dealership rather than one in Blackburn.

The sale of the private registration plate would generate enough income to give 20 working families a break from their extortionate council tax rates, you could even generate some extra income by selling off “free council tax for a year lottery tickets”!

The mayor’s car should reflect the achievements of Burnley Council and be performance related. May I suggest a Ford Ka or Nissan Micra.