LETTER: Memories of 1980s’ miners’ strike needed

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I AM in my second year writing a PhD paper on experiences of the 1984/5 miners strike in the North-West. It was an important period of our regional history but strike literature has tended to focus on the larger coalfields, so I am hoping to fill this gap by talking to people about their experiences during that strike.

I am interested in all aspects of the strike but particularly issues to do with home life, whether this be memories of material hardships, rallies, soup kitchens, Christmas parties, changing relationships or community conflict. If you were a miner, a miners’ wife or child, a DHSS worker or local policeman living in the North-West please get in touch. All contributions will be appreciated so feel free to call any time on 01708 839044 or 079400 99509 or email me at pscharfe@uclan.ac.uk




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