LETTER: Mindless morans let down Clarets at derby clash

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I AM writing as a result of my attendance at the recent East Lancashire derby between Blackburn Rovers and Burnley.

I was appalled by the behaviour of some of our so-called fans in the Darwen End prior to, during and after the game. I witnessed drunken louts throwing coins, seats, bottles and clothing into the opposing fans’ area.

What was more amazing, why oh why were the bars in the stadium open upon our arrival in convoy on buses from Turf Moor? Some “fans” had been consuming copious amounts of alcohol prior to departure and the opportunity to purchase more alcohol in the ground at Blackburn was like feeding a fire with petrol.

I was disgusted and ashamed to be associated with these mindless morons and hope they do not darken our door at Turf Moor again.

I understand some of these creatures also vandalised the toilets in our section, again a disgrace. In future, if this minority are to be prevented from attending and spoiling the occasion for the majority, then please keep the bars closed and breathalyse all supporters prior to embarkation.