LETTER: Nelson homes get ‘makeover’ at little cost

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IN reply to last week’s letter from B. Wilkinson. As a home owner in the regeneration area, I signed an agreement with the council for the work to be carried out which clearly states the property cannot be sold for a minimum of three years from completion of the work.

If the property is sold within the timeframe, a percentage of the costs incurred will be repaid to the contractors on a sliding scale basis. This clause was introduced as in the past when full refurbishments were carried out, many people did indeed cash in on regeneration grants by selling properties as soon as the work was completed.

Many properties are well maintained and did not need the council to step in and make them habitable, but the home owners were coerced into signing as we believed all home owners or landlords had to agree or the work would not go ahead on a block by block basis.

As this is a regeneration area and money from various grants was made available, who would not want to take up the offer?

While I admire B. Wilkinson’s objection, I wonder, given the same incentive, if he/she would hold firm to their convictions or whether they would keep their property up to their standards or be tempted to have a “makeover” at little cost to themselves?


Leeds Road, Nelson