LETTER: Nelson town centre improvements are waste of taxpayers’ money

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In response to M. Graham’s letter, April 15th, “So why stay there”? I totally agree with him/her. How can Pendle Council justify spending taxpayers’ money on the so-called improvements of Nelson centre? It is too late, I am afraid, and a complete waste of money.

Are these improvements going to bring in high street chains of shops? Are they going to bring people into Nelson to shop? I think not!

Open your eyes Pendle Council and listen to the taxpayers for once - big name shops/supermarkets moving out, empty shops for sale/to rent, endless takeaways, empty pubs and clubs, litter all over the streets of Nelson, closed nursing homes now opening as a drugs re-hab unit!

Well that just about sums up Nelson. So yes, why on earth should they stay?