LETTER: New parking spaces create a hazard outside school

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I WOULD like to ask other readers to join me in questioning the parking spaces recently marked down York Street – the majority next to the Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth-Form.

My main concern is that I am the parent of a two-year-old who attends Rossendale Nursery. Previously, I would be able to park in front of the nursery, this enabled me to safely get my child out of the vehicle straight onto the pavement on the correct side of the road. Now, I must park on the opposite side and then negotiate the road at a peak traffic time.

I wonder what benefit this marking has done? Certainly it will not have made the exit from the Grammar School any easier as the visibility to the right on that exit can be hampered by the cars parked on that side, especially if a high sided van parked on the first bay. Also on the morning of Tuesday, February 7th, to the left of that school exit I saw two vans from the Mobility shop, now parked totally legally in the bays on both sides of the road, who by their actions would have made the turn very difficult.

Returning to my original point I feel that unless this is reviewed there is the huge worry for any parent having to negotiate that road with an infant. There is also far more of a chance of an accident. It would take a second for any toddler to maybe break free of their parents hand, and in excitement head to the nursery door, but now on to the very busy road. I, for one, am wondering whether an accident is what it will take to revert this very poor piece of planning?

I also wonder if a petition is required to bring some common sense to this matter.


Newton Street,