LETTER: New Ribble Valley homes make us more reliant on cars

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I READ with interest the comments made by MP Nigel Evans “Insurance Crippling young drivers” and “Fuel prices concern” (Clitheroe Advertiser March 22nd).

I read it with interest as he seems to be saying we all have to drive out of the Ribble Valley to earn a living. He states that “in rural areas owning a car is a neccessity not a luxury”.

So could Mr Evans please explain to me how building 4,000 homes in this rural area known as the Ribble Valley can be considered in any way sustainable? If we all have to drive as there is no transport and no work, why is Mr Evans’ government dictating to us how many houses we should build and forcing us to become more and more reliant on the motor car?

I would also like to know why there is a planning application going in to build 150 houses on prime employment land by the Printworks at Barrow, considering we have so little employment in the area.


Woodlands Drive,