LETTER:No ‘land fit for heroes’

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BOTH houses of Parliament, the BBC and the banks have had their share of “bad apples” just like the press. But the older I get the more I cherish a free press and distrust the British (Animal Farm) establishment. Don’t let our press be forced to become the mouthpiece of the ruling elite as happened in Nazi Germany and the Communist S.U.

Robin Parker’s letter on the “haves and have nots” brought to mind that the day before his letter was published I had to say “no sorry” to two beggars asking for money in Accrington town centre. I’m only on a small state pension myself.

Next year it will be 100 years since the start of World War One. Afterwards, in 1922, unemployed ex-servicemen made an appeal. Part of it went so:

“It used to be called happy England,

“But where is its’ happiness now?

“In this country there’s millions of money,

“But those who have got it take care,

“Their sovereigns they nurse and they keep a full purse,

“So the poor man can’t get a share.”

One ex-soldier, living with his wife and four children in appalling conditions in London said “if they’d told me in France I should come back to this I wouldn’t have believed it. Sometimes I wished to God the Germans had knocked me out”.

“A land fit for heroes”, certainly not for many, only unemployment and poverty and another world war to come. Afterwards begging in England’s towns and cities in 2013.

The liberal, metropolitan elite have a lot to answer for me thinks. Shame on you!


Station Road,