LETTER: No ‘railroading’ of Salterforth holiday village plan

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Any decision on the planning application for a holiday village in Salterforth has to take account of the present established use of the site as a haulage depot - will holidaymakers’ cars create more problems than if the haulage wagons returned?

Hidden in a former quarry away from the village centre, it won’t change the face of the village as it could only be seen by someone right next to the site.

For myself, I was particularly concerned there would be enough landscape screening between the development and existing homes nearby.

When the application was considered by committee, there was general support for the proposal, subject to conditions aimed at minimising potential problems.

The only disagreement was about whether an offer from the developers to pay towards improving a cycleway should be used to improve local paths as well.

When a landowner of one of the paths affected objected to the suggested improvements, the committee decided there should be further discussions with the applicant and landowners before consent for the development would be given. This is hardly “railroading” the application through the committee.

Personally, I think it would be good if the developer contributed towards improving paths in the area.

This would benefit future visitors, existing residents and footpath users. But we’ll have to see what comes out of the discussions requested by the committee.


Chairman, Pendle Council West Craven Committee