LETTER: Palestian twinning plan is ‘religion dressed up as politics’

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It’s becoming very obvious the decision to twin with a Palestinian town was a wrong one, and certainly not supported by the majority of the people of Pendle.

One would think a twinning event such as those we already have would be approved by the majority, if not all the councillors, and would provoke little if any hostility.

In this case the casting vote of the Mayor seems to have been needed, meaning 50% of the councillors present didn’t support the suggestion.

Out here in the real world, it’s becoming very clear many more than 50% of us are very unhappy, and as such common sense and a little decency should suggest the council takes this issue back and quietly dumps it.

You see, fellow readers, I and others don’t believe for one moment this is all about twinning with a poor Palestinian town. This is about politics and politics here in Pendle, and politics of the worst possible kind, religion dressed up as politics, to hide a personal agenda.

Readers may recall a few weeks ago, some sort of shambolic parade fronted by the view that religion should be sheltered from blasphemy.

The underlying issue, of course, was Islam being given all priority as it was apparently special, and the rest of you can fall in line.

As the Rev. Matt Butler correctly pointed out, if your belief in your chosen religion is strong enough, no amount of abuse by others will change it, but maybe make it stronger.

We already have laws strong enough if needed.

Here in the United Kingdom, we are a Christian country, and a very tolerant country. Practice whatever religion you wish, we won’t kill you, burn down your place of worship, shoot little girls who want to go to school or forbid you to even possess your holy book, as seems to be done in some countries against Christians and others. But please don’t suggest whatever your religion is it gets priority, that’s over-stepping the mark.

Keep your religion in your place of worship, in the privacy of your own home, or broadcast on recognised religious channels along with everyone else, but please keep it out of our council and keep it out of politics.

So what is this all about underneath? Well who organised the blasphemy protest? Why, Coun. Mohammed Iqbal.

Name sound familiar? It should do, it’s our friend behind this twinning stunt.

Why Palestine? I know, you’re ahead of me already. It’s a Muslim country, and who do I want to rally around me at my coming county council election? Why, as many followers as I can, including those from other parties who may just put their faith before their politics.

Many of my Muslim friends and acquaintances are unhappy at you stirring up problems that don’t exist here, and possibly creating ill will that isn’t deserved, and the suggestion is you pack it in.

And a good start would be to admit the twinning was wrong and dump it.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield