LETTER: Pendle Council works hard to take unsafe taxis off road

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Mr Gardiner, I think it’s unfair to blame Pendle’s taxi inspectors. It’s impossible for us to check all taxis on a daily basis because of the number we have.

Vehicles are tested twice a year at the council’s nominated MOT garages. This test is far more stringent than a standard MOT. 

As well as these tests, regular spot checks and visual roadside checks are carried out. Any faults found result in a notice being issued for work to be carried out. A suspension notice can also be issued which means the vehicle is taken off the road immediately. 

A lot of work is put in to ensure taxis are safe for the public to use. But it is also down to the vehicle owners to take responsibility and check their vehicles on a regular basis.

The standards of taxis are being discussed at the next Taxi Licensing Committee in June. We’ll be looking at penalties for taxi owners who fail to keep their vehicles roadworthy. In the meantime if you see a taxi you feel is not up to standard, please contact the taxi licensing team on 661638 or by email to taxi.licensing@pendle.gov.uk 

We will then inspect the vehicle for any faults and if necessary take it off the road.

I can assure Mr Gardiner and your readers the safety of taxis in Pendle is being taken very seriously and we will do all we can to get any unsafe taxis off the road.


Taxi Licensing Manager, Pendle Council