LETTER: People will listen if we shout loud enough over new homes plans

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I AM glad the information about the newly calculated housing needs figure is now out in the open thanks to your “Conflict of Interests” item in the Advertiser (August 25th).

I would just like to add to this by saying it isn’t just the connection between Nathaniel Lichfield and partners and local developers that upset people in Whalley. It was also the concept of a company who profit from building houses being given the chance to advise the council how many houses should be built. This is a bit like asking a butcher how much meat you should eat when you know he is going to look on the generous side, as opposed to asking a dietician who has nothing to gain from the advice. No amount of procedures can change that fact.

I would also like to say to Mr Hurley (“Affordable Homes I don’t Think So”), I understand your despair and weariness at the system, sadly many people share it and we all feel it from time to time, but don’t ever give up your right to have a say. Things can be changed and politicians can be made to listen if enough people shout loud enough. Every person who objects is another voice and every single one counts. How will they know how wrong they have got it if no one speaks up?


Woodlands Drive, Whalley