LETTER: Pet cats deserve life-long care and love

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A POSTSCRIPT to the story at the bottom of page two, March 25th edition of the Nelson Leader, in respect of a pregnant cat found.

The black lady cat found was not claimed and is being cared for by the finder. “Tutty” - her provisional name, delivered four healthy boys on March 28th, all black and thriving, provisionally named John, Paul, George and Ringo.

This is not an advertisement. The family are on a waiting list with a cat rescue and rehoming organisation.

Tutty is a highly nervous and sensitive cat. She is a good mother.

The finder would like to stress how it is important for cats to be neutered. She may have been rejected because of her condition. Domestic cats are not meant to live and roam the streets. Tutty was lucky to find shelter and care; she picked the right house!

Also - for people moving house with a cat - it is important to keep the cat indoors for a few weeks. If it disappears - check the old home, look for advertisements, be humanly decent in responsibility.

A pet deserves parenting for it is an eternal child that loves unconditionally when it is treated right.