LETTER: Plans to relocate Nelson open market will not work

I OPENED the Nelson Leader on April 29th and this name jumped off the front page - Paul Collins, Assistant Economics Development Officer at Pendle Council!

Well, with an important title like that, I would expect him to have some intelligence and common sense. Oh, but of course, the latter isn’t so common.

I believe the planned move of our open market is ridiculous, now it has got established in Market Street. We, as shoppers, are all pleased it is there, traders are happy there and visitors can see it from the main street.

I believe it was suggested some time ago that it be moved into the old bus station and that idea was thrown out because, it was stated, customers would not go round there!

Well, the Tesco store didn’t do well because most of us have to cross busy main roads, so if you think shoppers who usually browse round the market will dice with death on our roads to have a look round, think again - it will die a quick death.

I have lived here all of my 81 years and have seen so many changes to my town - not always good ones - and money wasted on so many new ideas. I doubt if you live in Nelson, Paul, or shop on our market, but just for once, listen to us, the residents of Nelson, the shoppers of Nelson and traders.

We need the market where it is. This also is why the street is mostly deserted as the only time people go down there is on foot to the library, chemist and maybe Morrison’s.

Now on Fridays, one goes in the charity shop, the electric shop, the pet shop, etc., so let all these people enjoy the market and what Market Street has to offer or better still, Paul, have a walk down on Fridays and see how everyone just loves the market there. Do we need a petition?


Leonard Street, Nelson