LETTER: Redistribution of wealth needed in UK

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I AM shocked at the report on the high poverty figures in Pendle, which are set to rise further.

At the same time, I am not surprised. Deep draconian cuts in state financial support for poor and ill people are now being applied and felt with more in the pipeline.

The poor are bearing the brunt of the pain in an attempt to reduce the deficit. Yet the Government is mismanaging the economy. It is still borrowing and printing more money, which increases the deficit. We have now sunk into a triple dip recession and lost our triple credit rating status internationally – making us a third rate country. This will mean we will have to pay higher interest rates in the market place. We will also have to face inflation with the rising cost of food, fuel and other basic commodities.

In the midst of all this financial chaos and confusion, there is still plenty of money around but it is in the wrong hands – the rich and powerful, businesses and banks. The Government boasts it has created thousands of jobs which will benefit the recovery of the economy. If that was true, why is the Government still borrowing more money and increasing debt?

Let’s be honest, most of these jobs are not “real” in the sense of full time, fairly paid work which would provide workers with a living wage so they would be independent of the state and contribute their taxes to society. Most of these jobs are part time, temporary and poorly paid to such an extent they still have to rely on benefits and tax credits.

The Government needs to invest in people whom they are elected to serve by investing in massive infrastructure projects, such as the renovation of housing, improving transport networks, developing green energy and building more schools and health services – a society fit for the 21st Century. These projects would create sustainable long-term jobs and stimulate the economy locally and nationally.

If the Government does change its economic strategy, it would go some way to redistributing the wealth and reducing poverty and unjust divisions in society.


Treasurer, Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Green Party