LETTER: Ribble Valley MP should make ‘more noise’

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So Coun. Hirst (As I See It) admits the decision to swallow up valuable farm land all round Clitheroe, to build thousands of unnecessary houses, is not their’s but national government’s fault, and we know that 75% of our laws are made in the EU yet he still complainsthe chairman of CRAG would also like to promote UKIP.

I don’t know which political party he represents, but I wish our MP would make more noise in Parliament for the constituents of the Ribble Valley. Of course, we must not rock the boat, and then there are whips to consider.

I believe we will live to regret using so much of our best farm land, when we are so far short of being self-sufficient in food in this country, especially as nations like China and India rise in affluence and we sink to the bottom because of our astronomic debt.