LETTER: Royal British Legion’s anniversary celebration

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Once again over the next few weeks, the Royal British Legion will, with the help of local businesses, shops, and stores, be starting the 2011 Poppy Appeal in the 90th year of the Royal British Legion.

Who would have thought 90 years on, sadly we still need to be helping our servicemen and their families?

Here in Nelson and District, we in the Legion spend over £25.000 on a regular basis, and age ranges of our people is from 19 to 90.

In Lancashire alone, we spent over £350.000 last year, and this figure is growing due to the increased age and vulnerability of our ex-service people and so, very sadly, the men and women coming back from the latest round of conflicts.

But it’s not all bad and sad.

Your money helps us retrain some for Civvy Street. We help them start their own business if they wish, we provide homes and kit for those who on occasion are homeless, we provide money for mental help for those who have combat stress problems, and we help families with small children whose dads are away, or on occasion won’t be coming back.

I am happy to report we have been very successful in providing help with the money you kindly give us. You can be proud of the help you indirectly provide, and on their behalf, thank you.

Next year is also the 90th birthday of the Nelson branch of the Royal British Legion, founded just one year after the main formation. And we are very lucky to get the Band of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers to do a kick off concert for us at 7 p.m. at the ACE Centre in Nelson at 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 22nd. Tickets cost £7 - join us for a real rousing evening with a wide variation on music. Tickets at the church or the ACE Centre.

All of us on the Legion team look forward to seeing you all again out and about over the next few weeks. May I thank you in advance for your help and support it is appreciated, and it’s difficult to explain sometimes just how much.


Nelson and District Branch Royal British Legion