LETTER: Sad to see the end of ‘Dancing On Ice’

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I take exception to Edward Lee’s remarks about ice skating (Straight Talking, May 24th). I used to watch The European Figure skating Championships in the 60s and marvel at their skill and grace, and that was only black and white!

When the programme “Dancing on Ice” started I was in my element. The combination of the excitement of the competition, the music, lighting and beautiful costumes, is a pleasure to behold. Almost anyone can learn to dance, but not everyone can skate and certainly not to the levels of skill which are required to win. The man in the picture is called Dan, he is a professional skater, it’s the names of the soap stars I don’t know, as I don’t watch such rubbish.

I shall be very sad to see the programme finish, unlike some of the voyeuristic offerings, which pass for entertainment, where the contestants offer us nothing more than their thoughts and mindless drivel, “Dancing on Ice” requires, skill, hard work, committment, courage and guts.

Maureen Roberts

(via email)