LETTER: Save cash on pen-pushers and not the bus station

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IN reference to our “state-of-the-art” bus station and the shutdown of the electronic timetable board. The recent report says it would cost £4,000 to maintain this item and if it was to be back in action £4,000?

Lancashire County Council says it wants to save £47,000 on its next budget and to keep these information boards would do this.

Next thing I read is that the bus station is having £35,000 spent on it to install new exit doors. What is wrong with the existing doors? They seem to be working okay every time I go for the bus.

To save £47,000 and then spend £35,000 does not seem right to me. Now I suppose someone will say the money comes from different accounts and budgets. Crazy.

Having said all this, I still say the information board is of paramount importance to bus users and they need it back ASAP.

Please listen to the people for a change. If you want to save money, cut back drastically on some of these salaries tyou pay out to these penpushers and pencil sharpeners’ assistants.