LETTER: Sean Dyche doing a great job at Burnley FC

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I FEEL I must write after what I consider a massive difference since Sean Dyche took over the manager’s hot seat at Turf Moor.

His enthusiasm shines out and he encourages the players to express themselves and, more importantly, tells them they can beat the opposition. The games against Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leeds Utd speak volumes.

These two clubs have had the “Indian” sign over us for a while so it was a delight to beat both of them the way we did. Under Eddie Howe I felt things were not strict enough and maybe the players thought they could get away with a few things. I feel we can still do some damage in the months ahead. We are a team that believes again and Sean will instill that into the players. The last few months under Eddie Howe were disappointing to say the least.

Since Terry Pashley took over on a caretaker basis a breath of fresh air has come over Turf Moor. Sean Dyche wasn’t my first choice, I’ll admit that, but they seem to be behind him in his management skills and have risen to the challenge. A few weeks ago we were going nowhere.

Now we can look forward with confidence and who knows a repeat of 2009 could yet still be a possibility.