LETTER: Selrap has shot itself in foot with railway walks

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I WAS very surprised to read the article (“Walk this new way, April 8th”) as I thought Selrap was campaigning to re-open the railway line between Colne and Skipton, not to promote key walks using the old railway line, especially when they arranged “Reclaim Our Railway” hikes for Saturday, April 9th.

I believe notices were being put up to inform walkers of things of interest along the way. Did these include, how near to the houses the railway was (especially near Earby station area); evidence of young children in gardens near the railway; difficulties there would be at the three road crossings with traffic holdups? Or perhaps they pointed out the wonderful flower and fauna; how safe it was for people to horse ride, cycle, dog walk or just wander and enjoy the scenery in safety as they do now. Maybe I’ve been mistaken and they are now making a case for a multi-user path as it appears to me they have “shot themselves in the foot” by promoting these walks. As Coun. Beckett said: “This is a great entry to the railway - you now get the chance to set off on this pathway. It’s a wonderful opportunity to boost tourism”.

As David Cameron is advocating a “Big Society” surely a multi-use recreational pathway would be for the good of the whole community, not to spend £90m. re-opening a railway to suit a few business people. There would have to be a lot of passengers/freight to recoup £90m.. The railway link was closed because it didn’t pay, and it wouldn’t pay now.

Anyway, congratulations on your 10th anniversary of campaigning and I hope I’m saying the same in another 10 years!