LETTER: Shame on Barrowford Parish Council for increasing precept

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I TOTALLY agree with thoughts when Lancashire CC, Pendle Borough and the police and fire authorities all kept charges at the rate they were last year, the arrogant Barrowford parish councillors increased the Parish Precept by 9.4%.

This increase is on top of 9.4%, 12%, 42.3%, 8.1% and 38.7% in the previous five years. Quite obviously, they have no shame and carry on spending even more of people’s hard-earned money year on year with increases way above the rate of inflation.

I always thought the Parish Precept was to provide nice extra items for the whole of the residents of the village and would hardly have thought that providing advanced driving lessons for one or two persons annually came within this remit. Surely if someone is so keen to become an advanced driver, they would save and pay for the lessons themselves!

I am sure that with a little more prudent fiscal management there need not have been any increase at all, but this appears to be too much to expect from the shameless Barrowford Parish councillors.