LETTER: Shame on MPs who do not bother to vote

What’s the point in people voting when our MPs that we send to Parliament don’t bother to vote in Parliament when we send them there?

Our Pendle MP is one who did not bother to turn up and vote for one of these bills.

Our MPs should be sat on those green benches debating and voting on our behalf.

Prisoners voting rights 212 for 23 against - 415 did not vote?

Legislation (Territorial Extent) Bill - Second reading - Harriett Baldwin.

The vote was 19 for and 17 against - 614 MPs did not vote?

If you bother to watch PMQs or The Parliament channel on TV you can see our MPs acting like badly behaved children, jeering and banging and shouting down someone who is speaking - childish behaviour for the people we have voted in to run our country.


Percy Street, Nelson