LETTER: Sick of living in a slum!

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ENOUGH is enough! For years the residents in the Skipton Road area of Colne have put up with derelict buildings.

Local councillors at election time always promise us that they will resolve the matter but nothing is ever done. We have a derelict shop at 87 Skipton Road and another one at 95 Skipton Road, which contains a large amount of rubbish, and the mill is an absolute eyesore.

The final straw came on Saturday, November 17th when I was waiting with my children at the bus stop on the corner of Oak Street and Skipton Road. Two rats were scurrying around the bus shelter and they ran off through the very large hole in the wooden fence into the grounds of the mill.

It is time that the owners of these properties had some form of enforcement orders placed on them by the relevant authorities to make them either sell or renovate the buildings as soon as possible. We are living in a slum area.