LETTER: Smokers are messing up Nelson town centre

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while walking through the town centre in the last few months, I could not help but observe smokers who congregate outside public buildings, who “light up” not away from the entrance, but within three or four feet of it, and when they have finished throw their “fag ends” on the floor.

How can this be? It is my understanding the minimum distance a smoker should remove themselves from the entrance of a public building is three metres.

The other point I would like to raise is that the “fag ends” that these people discard on to the public footpaths are not being regarded as litter by the perpetrators and the local authorities alike and dealt with as such.

There is one pub in particular in the town centre that has several hundred of these “fag ends” cluttering the entrance, and this situation may be repeated outside many more public buildings throughout Pendle.

Having spent vast amounts of money revamping the town centre, is it too much to ask it be kept clean and those who are breaking the law be made to pay? If you feel as I do, make your views known.

This is part of the quick guide to smoke free law. I suggest all you managers and owners reread this legislation: “Failing to prevent smoking in a smokefree place: a maximum fine of £2,500 will be imposed on whoever manages or controls the smokefree premises or vehicle if prosecuted and convicted by a court. There is no fixed penalty notice for this offence.”


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