LETTER: Some shocking figures

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Michael Sutcliff’s recent letter about figures was very illuminating.

Here are a few others that set me thinking.

Five million: The amount in pounds that William Hague is giving to the Syrian rebels.

1.15 billion: That is how much civil servants spent using the government credit card last year. During a pre-election televised debate, Mr Cameron branded such spending “hideous waste”. Since the election, spending by civil servants has increased by £150m.

By one of those strange coincidences, £150m. pounds is also the amount of the debt which drove South London Healthcare Trust, into administration. The SLHT has just announced that gynaecology patients at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, Kent, will have to share a mixed ward with men as it is short of funds!

Finally, 680 (pounds).

Compared to the others this is small beer, but this was spent on a language course by an MP who wished to learn his partner’s language. And they say we are all in it together.

D. Walker