LETTER: Spare a thought for those not so well off

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AS we approach that time of year again when the greedy, self-indulgent bankers rub their hands with glee at the prospect of record high fat bonus cheques, spare a thought for those who have not fared so well.

I still see abject poverty on the streets of Burnley on a daily basis. I know it when I see it.

Some people are trapped in the terrible circle of deprivation.

It doesn’t matter how they dress it up, it still amounts to the same thing – a Conservative-led Government looks after its own small circle of wealthy want-for-nothings.

The North/South divide gets wider and the poor get poorer.

Describing the working-class as work-shy, good-for-nothing, dole-scrounging scum, attacking the disabled and labelling children as feral might suit their purpose for political propaganda, but it’s us here in Burnley who are at the brunt of their campaign.

While they stay in power, we shall have to be content with whatever crumbs they see fit to throw us from their table.