LETTER: Speed humps in Halifax Road, Nelson, are a farce

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After enduring weeks of annoyance and frustration, I am putting pen to paper for my first ever letter to a newspaper.

As a professional health and safety manager, magistrate, motorist, motorcyclist and parent, I feel I am well qualified to comment on the farce of the speed bumps in Halifax Road, Nelson.

Why do councils spend thousands of pounds on providing safe, smooth roads and then spend more thousands of pounds to install hazards on them?

They might just as well leave the roads to develop pot holes as these will have the desired effect also.

I might add we now have the double effect as potholes are beginning to appear alongside the humps.

Why on earth install them so close to two junctions? A safe motorist or cyclist is concentrating on the road and conditions ahead, but now has to contend with negotiating a speed hump at exactly the wrong time.

Anyone who drives on this road will see it is an utter farce. Vehicles are parked alongside the humps and drivers snake their way up and down the road and will cross over to the other side to negotiate the humps.

It is only a matter of time before someone is injured, or vehicles damaged by a motorist paying attention to only the immediate hazard and not the road ahead. How on earth is this safe?

I am aware there have been instances of speeding drivers on this road, but two wrongs (speeding and installed hazards) don’t make a right.

The right way to solve this in the long term is by driver awareness training. This is not “speed awareness” training but training in the psychological aspects of driving.

I am not in favour of speed cameras either, but these are infinitely preferable to the dreaded speed bumps.


Holden Farm, Briercliffe