LETTER: State of Burnley football pitches unacceptable

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I WRITE further to the article on August 26th (Express) regarding the state of football pitches around town.

I am the parent of two young boys who play football for junior teams. I entirely agree with the view of Ighten Leigh’s manager that the state and condition of some football pitches around town is unacceptable.

There are many people who give their time freely to run, organise and promote junior football teams in this town which allows hundreds of children to be involved in football.

In an age where child obesity is a growing problem, encouraging children to participate in football, or sport of any kind, must be encouraged and the least this town’s council can do is ensure it provides pitches which are fit to play football on.

The many children who are engaged in football, or indeed any sport or activity, are children who are not roaming the streets and potentially engaging in anti-social behaviour.

The people who run these teams should be applauded and supported. It is quite regrettable that funds are available for a sculpture to be erected across from the college but funds seem to be scarce to provide the basic social amenities which the children of this town should quite reasonably expect.

In respect of Mr Goff’s comments he is unaware of any complaints about the state and condition of football pitches, perhaps if he was to inspect these areas he would know only too well the state of them is unacceptable. Priorities?