LETTER: Stunned at Pendle MP’s support for police cuts

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I AM stunned and disappointed the Member of Parliament for Pendle, Andrew Stephenson, voted against a parliamentary motion opposing the 20% cut to police budgets (Monday, April 4th).

The Pendle constituency – and the Nelson and Colne one before it - has a proud tradition of choosing MPs of integrity such as Sydney Silverman, Doug Hoyle and Gordon Prentice who put the interests of Pendle people first. Andrew Stephenson has decided to toe the party line and in doing so has missed an opportunity to act on behalf of his constituents. Not what we need in these difficult times.

The police budget cut of 20% means 12,000 fewer police officers nationally and a loss of 3,175 officers in the North West.

Everyone agrees the increase in police numbers over the past decade, and especially the recruitment of specialist community PCSOs has led to a very successful reduction in crimes and incidents.

Andrew Stephenson is one of only six Lancashire MPs to support the cuts!


Prospective Borough Councillor, Boulswort Ward