LETTER: Taxes should be spent in Britain, not given to Pakistan

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I AM absolutely appalled to hear on the news that David Cameron has promised to give funds to Pakistan for education.

What planet is this man on? How does he expect us to feel when we have to put up with increases in VAT and fuel and cuts in education, the NHS and private sector, and on the other hand give handouts to other countries?

I feel this is unacceptable. I work hard for what little I earn. I pay my taxes the same as everyone else. That money should be spent in Britain and not given to other countries.

I picked up a local paper the other day to find one of our soldiers has had his compensation cut to £60,000 due to Government cutbacks. This young man has lost both his legs fighting for Queen and country in Afghanistan. Where is the justice in all this?

It’s about time David Cameron got off his ivory tower and started to take a reality check and talk to normal people like myself who are affected by the cuts.

Our voices need to be heard and the only way to do this is to write to our local MP. The more people who write, the better chance we have of our voices being heard in the Houses of Parliament and changes being made for a better future for everyone.


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