LETTER: Thanks for Harle Syke bus changes

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I RECENTLY wrote to Mr Douglas Robertson, business director of Burnley and Pendle Travel, regarding the termination at 7 p.m. of the bus service from Harle Syke to Burnley.

My husband and I had tried to board this bus at the Harle Syke terminus to travel down to St James’s School, but were told by the driver we could not do so as he had finished his shift.

We were then astounded to see the bus driven off in the direction of our destination. My query to Mr Robertson was why could the service not end at Queensgate depot as it would service the public and bus company to do so.

Yesterday, I received a reply from Mr Robertson and, to my delight, he has informed me the service will be changed from Monday, October 31st, subject to approval by the traffic commissioner’s office. This will mean the last bus can be used for any trips between Harle Syke and Burnley General Hospital along the normal line of route.

Many thanks to Mr Robertson. How satisfying to have an outcome where everyone benefits.

MRS S. Mann