LETTER: The EU have set up an office in Barbados ...

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The more I get involved with the EU and its workings, the more I feel we in the UK are being taken for mugs on a grand scale.

Looking through the various on site WebPages. I came across the following reports on how the EU runs it affairs at our expense.

The EU have now set up an office in Barbados with nine officials and 30 local staff, with a budget of £2m. a year to oversee a budget of £230m. For unknown projects in the Bahamas.

The EU International Development Aid Department have failed, yet again, to provide proof of where its money has gone to.

EU court of Auditors has for the 17th year running, failed to balance its books. Stating that a staggering £3.9 billion has gone missing, blaming it on a material error (I think we call it theft here in the UK).

The UK is now paying some £350m. more to that EU bottomless bucket making our contributions now £13.5 billion a year. The EU actually wanted nearly £800m. from us at one stage. On top of that, the UK is still paying £48 billion into the EU central bank for bail out purposes.

The infamous food mountains are still with us, you know the ones when they poured millions of gallons of milk down the drain, plus ploughing tons of butter into the ground. It appears they are still doing the same with alcohol, cereals and milk powder at millions of Euros cost to us, the rate-payers.

British fishermen had to throw back some 24,000 tonnes of cod, 31,000 tonnes of haddock and 6,000 tonnes of whiting under the directive of the EU in one year of fishing. All edible fish stock by the way.

The EU unknowns who now run our lives now have in place their own EU secret police/intelligent force, the DS2. This force has one object in life, to spy on its EU population and gather evidence on people who don’t like the way the EU is being run by the unknown bureaucrats in Brussels. This could, or will, include myself for writing this letter, shades of dictatorship now in force.

Whatever happened to the freedom and democracy millions died for in the Second World War?

Finally, we the public of the UK have been lied to again by the politicians. We had the last Labour mob telling porkies while in office, now it’s the turn of this two-faced mob - the Con-Dems

Did any one believe the promises Cameron gave about having a say on the EU?

Well, I certainly did not. I voted for a decent party instead.

Well it’s now official, the spokesman for the Government in Europe. David Lidington has stated in a French newspaper “...there is no question of the UK disengaging or withdrawing from the EU...”.

So there we go again, lies, lies and more lies from the Conservative Party. Hands up who voted for them? Shame on you all, you got what you deserved.

Ron Loebell UKIP Ribble Valley