LETTER: Those opposing new school at Laneshaw Bridge are not Luddites or NIMBYs

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Contrary to the picture being painted by some, the residents of Laneshaw Bridge are neither NIMBYs nor Luddites intent on opposing any kind of progress.

We are simply people who care about our countryside and environment, the traffic congestion on our lanes, invasion of privacy, and, believe it or not, the consequences of this proposal on the education of children in the borough.

The applicant and school seem surprised by the level of opposition to the proposal. Had they consulted residents at the early stages of the planning process instead of presenting us with a “fait accompli”, they would have been aware of our real and pertinent concerns.

To say consultation with local people has been woefully inadequate is putting it mildly. Indeed, it appears consultation has been deliberately avoided. As to modest, by no stretch of the imagination can a proposal of at least 10 times the size of the existing site be considered modest!

Then we have the eco-friendly claim. How can extensive development on green fields and the demolition of a sound and well maintained building to facilitate a turning circle for more vehicles be considered as causing as little harm as possible to the environment?

Add to this the possibility of a precedent being set if this proposal were to go ahead, before long our countryside, enjoyed by many, would become scarred and disfigured by more developments.

The majority of children will not benefit from this new school - only those whose parents have the time and resources at their disposal to enable them to transport their children twice daily across the borough.


Laneshaw Bridge resident