LETTER: Time for Selrap to get real over rail plans

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after over a decade of dreaming the impossible dream, it is surely time for rail campaigners Selrap to show some realism.

They know, and have known for some time, there is no money available through grants.

So now they are hanging out the begging bowl to raise many thousands of pounds by public donation to ascertain the potential and problems of the Colne-Skipton link.

It is understood the study findings – if it indeed goes ahead – could lead to the demise of the hugely optimistic Selrap aspirations.

They have support from many sources. That backing, however, is only token and often no tangible financial support.

Selrap has fought a good fight for over 10 years but it was a fight they never had a realistic chance of winning, however laudable their objective.


Beaufort Street, Nelson