LETTER: Time to clamp down on car parking

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Is it just me or has parking in our area become a free-for-all, with cars parking on pavements, double yellow lines, within 32ft of a junction and even on zig-zag lines at pedestrian crossings.

For a start, anyone parking on zig-zag lines could and should be fined £60 and have their licence endorsed with three penalty points, but do the police do anything? Well, from what I have seen, no. Vehicles parked on double yellow lines are causing an obstruction and posing a hazard to pedestrians and other road users and also should be fined, but do we have a regular traffic warden? No.

A couple of years ago, I called Pendle Borough Council and spoke to a gentleman concerning parking where I live. Because of people parking within 32ft of a junction, myself and my partner struggle to get in and out of our street. The man at the council said people needed to park and that, because of a lot of terrace houses in my area and people having more than one car, sometimes three or four to a household, parking would become worse not better. My answer to this was, knowing my partner and I each have a car, was to buy a house with space for three to four cars. Also that, in my opinion, we should not allow safety to be forgotten about just because people want to own more cars than they have space for.

This is not just a problem in Barnoldswick; I see it also in Colne, Nelson, Barrowford and Burnley. To add to this problem, there are more and more commercial vehicles parked outside houses; these are usually left near street ends and cause huge blind spots as they are bigger. My feeling is that if we do nothing now, people will be injured and possibly killed and the longer it is left, the harder it will be to clamp down on.

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