LETTER: Time to clear up the eyesores in Burnley Wood

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I READ in amazement the letter printed in last Friday’s ‘Your Views’ from a Mr Peter Kenyon. I was hoping the next time I saw Mr Kenyon’s name in print it would be related to the situation concerning the properties he owns in Branch Road.

I stated in a letter written on behalf of my mother way back in May that I was waiting to see any developments concerning the eyesores blighting Burnley Wood, so to read Mr Kenyon’s statement regarding other areas of town just leaves me bewildered.

Mr Kenyon didn’t respond to my previous letter, but to read him bleat on about an area for which he says no funding has been put forward to regenerate beggers belief.

Mr Kenyon, you own properties which are complete eyesores. They have been decaying for the past eight years or so. Maybe now is the time to practice what you preach. I look forward to your response, if there is one.