LETTER: Time to make decision over future of St Mary’s Church, Nelson

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Our MP Andrew Stephenson recently raised the case of St Mary’s Church in Parliament and called for a new use to be found for the building; it has been empty now for 24 years.

The people who own it now, Heritage Trust for the North West, told me three years ago they were, after funding for it, to open a centre for traditional building skills. In another three years’ time in this economic climate, they will still be looking for funds.

It’s about time Pendle Council got a grip on this situation and stop saying they are happy with Heritage Trust North West’s view of this building.

It’s time the war memorial in the grounds was moved to outside the library. And the people of Pendle gave a referendum on what to do with the site.

Pendle Council do a compulsory buy of the site.

Either pull it all down and rebuild on the site or pull down the main part of the church and just leave the steeple up and make it into a small park.

It’s time to call the Heritage Trust for the North West’s bluff - it’s gone on now for over 24 years - they have had long enough to find a funder - they cannot, so the site should be redeveloped.


Percy Street, Nelson