LETTER: Travellers must be made to tidy up after themselves

LAST week I read an article about a traveller from Blackburn who was complaining about not getting more sites to go to.

I am tired of reading about the whinging and moaning of these people, who leave a trail of dirt and an eyesore every time they leave a site.

If they had any respect at all for the towns and countryside they invade illegally, maybe the councils might lean a bit their way and help them.

Last week it cost a council £500 to clear up a site they had vacated.

Would these people dig into their pockets and reimburse the councils? I don’t think so.

If they started to pay their own way in life instead of scrounging about from one place to another, they might get some respect from the rest of the population.

And if the right-brigade start to support them they should give travellers permission to camp in their garden and clear up their mess after they leave.

Some of them might say they would, but I bet once would be enough.