LETTER: True nature of society in this ‘God-forsaken country’

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Some years ago I was sectioned under the Conservative 1983 Mental Health Acts, even though I was able to prove I had no condition ascribed to me by finding work afterwards as a highly pressurised tele-sales clerk. Today I am effectively “retired” on welfare.

What is pertinent to pass comment upon is that, recently, a senior police officer within Lancashire Constabulary retired aged 52, after receiving a salary of £150,000 a year, and with a big fat juicy pension thrown in. What is of concern, however, regarding my current welfare is that when I was seriously assaulted, after I was sectioned, the police did not even bother to talk to me.

So please tell me just what a senior police officer does? I would love to know.

Two points to raise; with the introduction of welfare changes, it is all right for fat cats to retire at 50, but those forced to live on welfare through no fault of their own are ground down into the dirt. Second, because I was illegally sectioned (as a person has to be given voluntary warning and I was not given any advanced warning whatsoever), my health unduly suffered, as I was too afraid to stand up for myself when abused by people classed as “careerist criminals”. This is simply not acceptable in a so-called free country.

This country really is a toilet. The idea that, because I changed my name aged 22, I was somehow unemployable says much about the true nature of society in this godforsaken nation.