LETTER: We should make cash out of Colne recycling centre, not close it

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I wholeheartedly agree with my fellow Labour Party member, Sue Nike, in your paper last week saying the closure of Colne’s Household Waste Recycling Centre is being done in a totally undemocratic manner.

I raised the issue of HWRC closures in Lancashire with Pendle East Tory County Coun. Mike Calvert at a recent meeting of Horsfield Residents’ Association. When I asked Mike why Conservative Lancashire is hell-bent on closing these HWRCs when other Tory-controlled counties were making lots of money from recycling household waste, he asked “Tell me which counties then?”

Having checked my facts on the internet, I can point Mike in the direction of Suffolk as a prime example. Several Suffolk-owned HWRCs were due for closure but they have been kept open by private companies similar to SITA who currently run the Colne Recycling Centre.

Suffolk members of the public can still take their recyclable waste to these centres free but there is a small charge per car for non-recyclable rubbish. Has this possibility even been considered by Lancashire Tories for the Colne HWRC?


Varley Street, Colne