LETTER: Well done to Horsfield Ward candidates

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I AM writing to express my appreciation to the three candidates that stood in Pendle Council’s election in Horsfield Ward, namely David Foat, Ann Kerrigan, and Rachel Pearson.

It cannot be easy for candidates to get around a ward of this size, yet despite this during the last fortnight we have been inundated with leaflets. Moreover, I was able to speak with some of the candidates as they came along Castle Road.

Once again, many of the issues raised in leaflets demonstrated the extent to which Local Government is under the diktat of central Government.

My vote is precious and I wish to vote for a politician with policies that make sense. Someone who is not easily fooled, someone with passion and who will say what they believe and believe what they say, someone with a twinkle in their eye and some spark – and even someone a bit eccentric, but not completely potty.

We need the very best councillors we can get, and I am grateful to David, Ann and Rachel for coming forward and offering to serve our little plot.


Castle Road, Colne