LETTER: Wheelie bins are not suited for back yards

your report on the Nelson woman fined for wheelie bin offences raises a couple of points which need to be classified.

Has this woman’s backyard ever had a common sense assessment of its suitability for storing these objects of hatred?

And is her back street council-maintained or is it, like most in Nelson, unadopted highway? If the latter, does the council have the authority to dictate how it is used?

Obviously developed round the concept of modern housing built on level terrain with wrap-round gardens and drive past access, the use of wheeled bins for refuse collections was never going to work well in the towns and villages of Pendle, with their inaccessible back streets, miniscule backyards and predominantly hillside locations. This is a fact of life which spin, wishful thinking, bullying and crackpot procedures cannot change.


Calder Terrace, Nelson