LETTER: Why go to the trouble of separating reyclable waste?

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Like many others, I was dismayed at Lancashire County Council’s decision to close the household waste recycling centre at Colne, which was well used and staffed with friendly and helpful attendants.

Since the closure, I have used the alternative centre at Barnoldswick, even though this involves a 14-mile round trip. I only hope my recycling will offset some of the environmental damage caused by my journey i.e. fuel consumption and pollution.

On my latest visit to the site, I asked a very unfriendly attendant where I should put some broken mirrors and he directed me to a skip marked “non-recyclable items”.

I then inquired where I should put my cardboard and was told to put it in the same skip.

Other visitors were also told to put scrap metal and garden waste in the same skip.

Basically, everything was going in the one skip.

Why go to the trouble of separating the waste?

On my way out, I noticed a sign saying 64% of all rubbish was recycled last month.

It will be interesting to see what figure they display next month.

It is surely time for Pendle Council to put more pressure on Lancashire County Council to re-open the Colne site.

After all, it is Pendle Council (and us, as council tax payers ) that are having to foot the bill for clearing up the increase in fly tipping.

Ralph Nuttall

Greenfield Road, Colne