LETTER: Why Reedyford Mill should not be demolished

REGARDING the proposed demolition of Reedyford Mill, Nelson.

Firstly, exactly how many times must such a hideous proposal be turned down flat?

Do these construction companies believe Pendle - and Nelson in particular - to be such a soft touch they simply resubmit their plans time and again until our local councillors are beaten into submission? If so, then the tactic would seem to be bearing fruit.

Only a few short months ago, it was rightly dismissed as being both unnecessary and a ridiculous addition to an already hectic traffic situation. Opinions voiced also suggested - again rightly so - it be preserved for possible futher employment and not demolished to make room for housing that would be completely at odds with the traditional terraces that encircle it. Now, after the passing of no time at all, certain voices suddenly sponsor the notion. Why?

Coun. Iqbal effectively tells us all local residents exude a collective happiness about the plans. Well I don’t, and nor do my immediate neighbours.

And no, we haven’t voiced our objections. Why on earth would we need to when the proposals have been repeatedly dismissed by councillors? And besides, as Coun. Sheena Dunn highlighted, it is not merely about local residents.

Coun. Iqbal, perhaps clutching at straws, also said the building was somehow in danger of becoming an eyesore.

How so? It is actively used on a daily basis as a warehouse storage facility and has a permanent security team based there.

It is not an abandoned eyesore falling into disrepair and is entirely suitable to house numerous business interests. There are far worse blots on the local landscape for councillors to worry about.

It is also worth mentioning the long-standing Gift Tree Stores outlet operates from the Scotland Road flank of the mill. Nelson is already becoming a retail desert without actively seeking to add to the problem.

And what about the aparently trivial matter of Gift Tree employees and their livelihoods?

Perhaps they are an irrelevance waiting to be brushed aside by the carefree developers from afar.

Another startling fact that seems to be slipping discreetly through an ever-more threadbare net is the fact of the 134 homes planned, only six would be part of the affordable housing scheme - and this in Nelson.

Doubtless the relentless construction profiteers will soon be tearing down the walls of another piece of local history and those that were happy to oblige them will be able to waltz around the council chamber with the words “I’m all right, Jack” ringing in their ears.


(Name and address supplied)