Loss of parking would be a disaster

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I received a letter about proposed buildings at the back of the Bay Horse at Barrow, about 12 months ago.

Some of the villagers met the people concerned and were told they are doing away with two-thirds of the car park, leaving just enough room for people living at numbers 16 to 21 to be able to access the car park and park behind their houses, about 18 feet from their back wall.

So now what will happen when the dustbin men and wagon turn up on Wednesday? He’ll have to drive round the car park, back up to No 17 and empty 20 bins plus blue ones. The only way he will be able to do that is to back off the main road, and they’ll have to wheel the bins to the wagon, meaning they will be blocking the access road.

The other way is for everyone concerned to put their bins outside on the front pavement, restricting the path for people taking their children to school, the bin wagon taking about 10 minutes to empty them, blocking the road and causing congestion.

The car park when owned by Duttons brewery and then Whitbread – maybe only on a verbal agreement – was shared for customer parking, so now where are customers of the Bay Horse supposed to park?

There has never been a problem with parents parking there, and walking down down the path behind Old Row to drop their children off in the morning, 8-30 to 9 am, and picking them up 3-30 to 4 pm. There will be no place to park, which will mean the 20-30 cars will have to park on the main road, which is totally gridlocked between those times.

The plan states that the pub the Dog and Partridge and the cottage next door are to be pulled down to make a better access off a mini-roundabout. If this happend six, maybe eight, houses facing the entrance will finish up with double yellow lines outside their homes and nowhere to park.

What the powers-that-be in Clitheroe should do is get off their backsides and come down to Barrow at school times and bin days to see the amount of problems this will cause, instead of sitting in their offices looking at plans.

Some of the houses being built at Barrow Brook haven’t been sold yet, so why keep building?

The pub and cottage should stay, and the owners made to take off the tin sheets. I can’t understand why the council allowed this to happen in the first place. It’s a nice village spoiled by these two eyesores.

I’m sure the developers can do something with these two buildings. The cottage would be ideal for a first-time buyer, and the pub put back as a pub.

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