Lots more people are opposed to fracking

Photo Neil Cross The anti-fracking protest at County Hall, Preston
Photo Neil Cross The anti-fracking protest at County Hall, Preston
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In response to R. Woolnough’s letter “Fracking Benefits”, he is hoping Pendle councillors will promote fracking in the borough. I wonder if he realises how much of a minority view he holds.

In recent canvassing activities around Pendle, I have become aware it is not just “vociferous groups of well meaning people” that are animated by the prospect of having a Cuadrilla pad next to their home, school or hospital.

I have been truly surprised by the number of people who say they will only vote for candidates opposed to fracking in the coming May elections. It is obvious people have become aware of the implications of having a fracking well close to their home would have on them and not least the value of their property.

Anyone with any doubts over the threat fracking poses only needs to search online to discover the disaster that has been caused in the American mid-West – not only water and air pollution but huge increases in the instances of childhood asthma and cancer rates going through the roof.

I would suggest to Mr Woolnough that if Cuadrilla were to propose a drilling operation close to his front garden in Blacko with its wonderful views of windmills, he would become an overnight “not in my front yard” convert and would join the rest of us in opposing this madness.

Chris Johnson

Waterside (standing as an anti-fracking candidate in the May elections)