M65 downgraded to create a Colne bypass?

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In the pros and cons of the bypass options report, no mention is made of the fact the blue and brown routes also involve a downgrade of sections of the M65 to allow for the introduction of a new roundabout. Surely this should be listed on the downside.

Given the millions already invested in the motorway, and the predictions about increased traffic volumes in the future, this surely is a backward step.

Neither has any assessment been made of whether this new roundabout and the intoduction of slower moving traffic on the highway is likely to result in tailbacks to Junctions 13 and 14, with the resultant chaos.

At a recent residents’ meeting, the Leader of Pendle Council emphasised the point we were not just considering a bypass as a means of alleviating congestion, but also a road whose purpose was to open up land for new developments. In fact a significant part of the funding for the road is assumed to come from developer contributions. I guess many people will welcome a bypass to relieve the congestion, but would they be quite so keen if it resulted in a new business park on their doorstep. Where are these development sites? Two are mentioned, but are there others?

I do believe a new bypass is needed but the information so far available is woefully inadequate, and other options have been discounted which do not involve motorway downgrades.

Stuart Mitchell