Many people enjoy using Terracefields

Changing face of Burnley Wood
Changing face of Burnley Wood

I feel I need to reply to “Abbey Road’s” onine web comment published in “Comments of the Week”, Burnley Express, Tuesday August 20th.

Abbey Road seems to be under the impression Terracefields is funded. I’d like to make it clear it is not funded for any of the many activities delivered from the building for all age groups, from babies to more mature members of the community.

Abbey Road is correct in his/her thinking, the building’s current tenant Accent are indeed supporting the community by kindly offering to pay the utility bills for a stated period of time until the building is signed over to a community management committee that will be responsible for ALL running costs for Terracefields.

In his/her statement, it goes on to say Terracefields “needs to be pulled down”. Have you been in the centre lately? As I can confirm that when the building was originally transferred back to the council and its then new tenant, do you not think the council and Accent would not have had: a) Risk assessments done on the entire building, and b) the council’s Property Services would have instructed several surveyors to do their own independent assessments. Which obviously they have done, as the building is entirely safe to use now and in the future.

The many users of the building, children, many adults, organisations choosing to use the building and its many kind volunteers who without them couldn’t make this project work, can confirm this.

Mrs Josephine Taylor

Burnley Wood resident